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Hello, friend!

However you made your way here, please feel like home. The backstory for this newsletter is simple: I see myself as a curious, learning-oriented person, and I want to connect with like-minded individuals around the world wide web. I also believe in the notion of “learning in public”, or “working with the garage door open” if you will – this newsletter is my humble attempt at living up to this belief, and sharing what I learn, explore, wrestle with, discover or ponder as I go. As they say, the best way to learn something is to teach it to others..

Most of you who read this first edition will presumably come from Undringer, a newsletter I’ve written on behalf of our company Braver for quite some time. You will recognise the format, the content and the style from Undringer, even though language has changed from Norwegian to English. As much as I’ve enjoyed writing to a Norwegian-only audience, the language swap allows these words to be read by the entire world of curious kids – the serendipity potential alone makes it worth the linguistic jump over to the Queen’s Good English.

What can you expect to find here?

The primary goal of this newsletter is to satiate your curiosity. Like a great meal when you’re starving, but for your brain.

I’ll write about things I personally find interesting, fascinating, weird and wonderful. Not because I want to build a cult of personality around myself per se, but because of the following simple hypothesis: if I find something interesting, so will many others.

If our interests overlap the slightest, in other words, you’ll find something here that’s worth your time. Some of my current interests include biohacking, productivity, mental models, meta-cognition (thinking about how to think, learning about how to learn), the no-code software revolution, personal development (in particular along the axes of emotional and relational skills), evolutionary psychology, and minimalism.

“Niche to win”, the newsletter specialists say, “find ONE topic and DOMINATE it!!!”. Well, that sounds rather boring to me. Feel free to blame me for a radical lack of focus, but I’d much rather serve up a thematically diverse buffet than the same meal every week. A little bit of everything? Yes please.

The Long Term Vision

For The Curious may start as a newsletter, but in an ideal future it will gradually evolve into a network of curious people who share ideas, thoughts and lessons learned with each other. I don’t know exactly what that might look like, but I look forwards to exploring various paths towards such a state.

But first things first: write and provide value, and the rest may follow.

I hope you want to enjoy this journey, wherever it takes us.

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