This blog is not for you.

Sorry to sound harsh, but I’m doing this for one person only. It’s not you. It’s me.
That being said, feel free to stick around. I promise you’ll find valueable tidbits if you sneek peak around here a little bit.

Creating a well-curated information goldmine for my future self.

I’ve been keeping a journal on and off for a while. It’s not a “ X, Y and Z happened” type of book, it’s a collection of ideas and information I want to explore further and learn more about. It contains everything from quotes by fascinating folks, to an eclectic mix of my own dreams, aspirations and irrational fears, to loads of startup ideas for products/services I want to remember. In short, it’s a stockpile of randomness that I’d like to re-visit in some hypothetical future.

Additionally, I have my overflowing Evernote notebooks full of greatness I find when surfing the web. Then theres sticky notes on my phone, sticky notes on my refrigerator, and all those highlighted lines of printed wisdom in my bookshelf.

Suffice to say, theres a lot of information EVERYWHERE. I consume at lot of it, but most of the golden wisdom gets lost in my forgetful mind. This blog is my attempt to change that. I aim to provide my future self with a well-curated source of advice, insights and peculiarities. If you want to explore that source with me, you’re more than welcome to read along.

I am a very choosy consumer of information. So the information I’ll be providing myself through this blog must be GREAT. Or else, I won’t read it, and the whole blog is pointless. So that is my promise to me, and by extension to you: the stuff you find here will be vetted, honest and genuinely value-adding. At the very least, to my future self.


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