Hi, I’m Jacob,

Jacob MørchI’m one of the co-founders of Uromaker (“troublemaker” in Norwegian), our attempt at building a radically different company by combining consulting services, startup projects and entrepreneurship education. Oh, and I also photograph a whole lot.

This site is my home on the internet, the place where I share thoughts and perspectives on topics I find interesting. As my interests span far and wide, you can find posts on all kinds of random topics here – for example how to teach entrepreneurship effectively, the similarities between yoghurt and business models, the benefits of having dinner with refugees, or how to read 100+ books per year.

When you’ve done enough reading for a while, feel free to get in touch via Twitter, email, or LinkedIn for a chat about entrepreneurship, education, technology or just about anything else that’s remotely interesting. I’d love to hear from you!

Have a blast, and thanks for visiting,
-Jacob Mørch

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