Lessons Learned

I am a self-diagnosed infovore. I thrive on information and knowledge from smart people.

A common side effect of infovorism, is information overload. This page is my attempt at a cure.

By producing output instead of solely relying on input of information, I’m hoping to integrate more of the wisdom I read into my long-term memory. As a side effect, you might very well find value in my notes too. You’re welcome.

I cannot know what I think until I write about it. –Joan Didion

This page lists the books, movies and other resources I’ve recently learned something valuable from. I’ve rated them 1-10, and provided a brief snippet for future reference. Click each link for an in-depth look at the lessons it contains. Happy reading!

[PS! If you want to read more books too, see this post on how to read 100+ books per year.]