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Why Travel? The Good, Bad and Ugly Reasons for Seeing the World

The quality of your life is defined by the quality of your questions. Ask a lousy question, and you’ll get a lousy solution with ditto results – and vice versa. So I’ve come to enjoy asking myself and others some good questions. It helps me learn a lot about a new person very quickly. And my favourite question is deceivingly simple – what do you REALLY want to do with your life? A big question indeed, but the answers I get

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I No Longer Want to Buy Things – And That’s Incredibly Liberating

Hong Kong by night

A few months ago I was strolling through a fancy shopping area in Hong Kong, when a realisation hit me: I don't want to buy anything at all! After embarking on a journey into minimalism a few years ago, everything has changed. The least visible benefits are the most important ones. My priorities have changed. My psychology has changed. I no longer feel the consumerist urges to buy things, which feels incredibly liberating.

Photografree Inc. – Why I’m Giving My Art Away to Anyone (and Where You Can Find It)

I've been running around with a camera since I was 15. Thousands of hours, and hundreds of thousands of photographs later, I've developed (pun intended) quite a knack for it. But 99,9999% of my photographs end up in the digital darkroom of doom: neatly organised in a folder somewhere on my hard drive. There, my art resides on life support, hidden away from anyone's eyes to see. How sad. Here I explain why I now have decided give away all

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Infovore Reading: How to Read 100+ Books Each Year

I've read about 30 books in the last 3 months alone. This is a guide to consuming a lot of valuable information, even if your calendar already seems to be overflowing with commitments 24/7. By choosing the right media, finding time and sharing your new knowledge with others, you too can become a voracious reader, without spending all day in the library.

How I Taught Myself Basic Graphic Design, And Conneced With Influencers In The Process

I’ve always enjoyed visual expressions of creativity. But until recently, photography has monopolised my creative outputs, effectively blocking other creative pursuits from entering the picture (no pun intended). That’s no longer the case. As part of my Year of Learning project, I spent February trying to teach myself the very basics of graphic design. By the time February was over, I wanted to keep going, so I sacrificed March on the design Gods’ altar as well. While I had expected to learn

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The Anti-NDA – Why Our Partners Must Sign It, And Why We Need More Of Them

The Anti-NDA – Why Our Partners Must Sign It, And Why We Need More Of Them Two fine gentlemen from Buenos Aires recently approached us, curious about our experiential entrepreneurship programme Early Stage. About to develop a similar course together with several universities, they wanted to discuss a partnership with us. Early Stage exists to execute a grand vision: to teach the world practical entrepreneurship, the new literacy for a post-industrial world. We’re acutely aware that our vision can only be

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