Why I Returned my Gorgeous Macbook Pro with Touch Bar

I Recently Returned My New, Beautiful Macbook Pro with Touch Bar to Apple. Here’s Why. Ever since getting a bulky iPod with a colour screen and enormously oversized storage capacity, I’ve LOVED Apple products. I haven’t had a computer nor a phone from any other manufacturer for years and years. I live stream all their launch events. When they announced … Read More

Y.O.L. Week One: Building Momentum, 15 Minutes At A Time

One week down, just fifty-one to go! The last 7 days marked the beginning of my project for 2017, The Year of Learning. This is what happened. Retention: 7/7 I’m proud to say I’ve stuck with my daily practice of learning something related to my monthly theme. I’ve had a particularly strong focus on habitualising the daily practice this first … Read More

2016 – The Year In Review

Five years later, I can still hear his roaring scream in my right ear whenever I sit down to drive a car. JAAACOOB!!! If you’re not gonna use the rear view mirror, YA MAY AS WELL NOT ‘AVE IT!!! Damn, I’d forgotten to peek in the mirror – AGAIN. My wonderfully politically incorrect driving instructor Alun then promptly proceeded to … Read More

Month One: Learning how to learn

Month One: Learning How To Learn This is my meta month!  To set myself up for success in my Year of Learning challenge, I want to  start off by learning how to learn as effectively as possible.  Meta learning is such a lead domino for everything else I’ll be doing over the next 12 months. By exploring best practices in learning from day one, … Read More

Introducing The Year of Learning

I’ve always loved learning. Regardless, I’m currently de facto a college dropout1)I’m on an indefinite break from my university, delaying a master’s degree until I can clearly see the ROI of spending another two years in school to get one. Still unsure if I’ll ever get there.. How can this make any sense? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s … Read More

This blog is not for you.

Sorry to sound harsh, but I’m doing this for one person only. It’s not you. It’s me.That being said, feel free to stick around. I promise you’ll find valueable tidbits if you sneek peak around here a little bit. Creating a well-curated information goldmine for my future self. I’ve been keeping a journal on and off for a while. It’s … Read More

Lessons Learned From The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Rating: 7/10 Finished: 2016 Related Books: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Money: Master the Game. Buy the book on Amazon here / See all my lessons from books and smart people HERE The Short Summary of “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco Sound financial advice, packaged in a punchy, non politically correct language. It is easily digestible, and MJs points do hit home. Its essence is about … Read More