Hi, I’m Jacob,

a curious chap on a quest to conquer 12 new skills in 2017 through my project The Year of Learning.

Professionally, I’m an entrepreneur currently working to make home sharing effortless through Easybnb .

I also teach students how to start startups through Early Stage, an 8-week immersive entrepreneurship simulator programme.

It’s great to have your fine self here in my corner of the web. Scroll down for more goodness, or jump straight to my blog about The Year of Learning, entrepreneurial struggles & stardom, and life lessons from a guy too young to give any.


Projects I’m Particularly Proud Of

I’ve co-founded Early Stage, an 8-week intensive programme for students curious about entrepreneurship

Early Stage came to life because of sheer frustration.

  • Frustration with traditional MBA-style entrepreneurship classes, where business plans are idolised and customers’ problems blatantly overlooked.
    —> We decided to push our participants out to talk to scary CUSTOMERS on day one.
  • Frustration with the gap between Norwegian students and the country’s innovation hubs.
    —> We decided to bring selected students and Norway’s best entrepreneurs together to learn from one another. 
  • Frustration with the severe lack of opportunities to gain real-life, in-the-trenches type experience of starting a startup without risking everything.
    —> We decided to create a safe space for ideas, execution and inevitable tastes of failure – an entrepreneurship simulator.

We decided to make the programme we would have wanted when starting our entrepreneurial journey.
Early Stage is that programme. 

Read more on www.earlystage.no

Early Stage gründersimulator Bergen Oslo

I’ve co-founded Easybnb, a full-service Airbnb management company

Being an Airbnb host is hard work, and hosting remotely is notoriously challenging.

Easybnb solves hosts’ logistical nightmares elegantly. 
We cover everything from professional photography to communicating with guests, check in/out, and thorough cleaning of your home. With Easybnb, you never have to worry about the well-being of your guests, nor your property, ever again.

In short – we take the hassle out of home sharing.

Starting out small to solve our own problems as Airbnb hosts, we quickly saw the opportunity to grown the business beyond our own personal homes. Soon thereafter, we have ~200 customers across Norway’s 4 largest cities.

Read more on www.easybnb.no

Easybnb logo

The Year of Learning is a year-long set of experiments in lifestyle design.

Out of sheer curiosity, I am dedicating all of 2017 to exploring 12 new skills, one each month. I am sharing my insights here on my blog, so feel free to follow along.

Skills Explored So Far
  • January: Meta learning / learning how to learn.
  • February: Graphic Design (part one),
  • March: Graphic Design (part two).

I love everything international, and I’ve pursued plenty of projects in many corners of the world.

Attempting so satiate my appetite for intercultural experiences have failed miserably. In other words, every time I try to get the travel bug “of my system”, it keeps coming back like a particularly stubborn boomerang.

  • 2015: Completed 10 weeks of entrepreneurship courses at UC Berkeley in California, taught by excellent academics, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley.
  • 2015: Internship at Health 2.0 in San Francisco, where I served as the de facto CFO, overseeing revenues of several million USD in multiple companies in 3 countries.
  • 2014: Exchange semester to UCL Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, to practise French and drink proper beer for 6 months.
  • 2014: Summer school at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, learning about Chinese politics, society and modern history.
  • 2010-2012: Attended UWC Atlantic College, an unique, idealistic, international boarding school in Wales, UK. UWCAC fundamentally altered the trajectory of my life, and expanded my world view more than anything else before or afterwards. I’m forever grateful for having been given this opportunity.
I’ve always enjoyed visually stimulating arts. From an early age, I embraced photography as my medium of choice for expressing visual creativity.

For many years, I’ve been photographing precious people and places all over the planet.

See my photography page for examples of such shots, or simply follow me in Instagram.

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